Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team is dedicated to offering a comprehensive and effective approach to resolving conflicts.

We understand the importance of a strategic and commercially viable resolution, and we bring our expertise to bear on every case we handle. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we are well-equipped to handle disputes and litigation across all courts and jurisdictions, both domestically and internationally.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to resolving disputes efficiently and commercially. We recognise that protracted legal disputes can be costly and time-consuming, often disrupting business operations.  We prioritise finding efficient and cost-effective resolutions that align with our clients’ commercial objectives. By employing negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation strategies, we tailor our approach to each individual case to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Dispute Resolution team has a particular focus on the following areas:
  • Corporate & commercial law (including shareholder actions)
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Building and construction disputes
  • Regulatory investigations
  • Tax disputes
  • Wills, estates, trusts and SMSF disputes

Key Contacts