Deceased Estates

Our specialist Wills and Estates team provides assistance to executors of estates to ensure family wealth is transitioned to the next generation and in accordance with the deceased’s wishes or by operation of the relevant legislation.

In assisting our executor clients, we ensure that the various administration tasks are undertaken in the most respectful, compassionate and efficient manner, whilst ensuring that you are protected from liability throughout the process.

Our Wills and Estates team can provide the following assistance:
  • Providing initial advice to legal personal representatives post death of the deceased
  • Administering estates
  • Applying for and obtaining grants of probate of Wills
  • Applying for and obtaining grants of letters of administration (where there is no Will)
  • Applying for and obtaining grants of letters of administration (CTA – with the Will annexed)
  • Advising on more complex estates involving multiple jurisdictions and reseal applications
  • Informal Will applications
  • Other limited types of grants of representation, including urgent interim grants
  • Seeking the approval or advice of the Court relating to the interpretation of a Will or the distribution of an estate
  • Cypres applications
  • Order 54 applications to the Supreme Court
  • Applications by surviving proprietors involving jointly held real property
  • Superannuation death benefit claims

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