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Hiring an in-house lawyer can be expensive, and is generally reserved for large companies – not small and medium private companies like yours.

Even fewer individuals are able to afford this.

Most clients only need the services of a Melbourne lawyer when an issue arises. But what about clients who need regular legal advice and support and who can’t afford keeping a full-time lawyer on staff?

That’s where we come in.

We don’t just focus on providing solutions – we’re also committed to giving you good value for money legal service. As part of that, our lawyers in Melbourne offer outsourced general counsel services.

Whenever you have a problem, we’ll bring our trademark knowledge of the law and practical, hands-on approach to bear on your issue for a fast, cost-effective solution.

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All the benefits of a full-time lawyer, without the cost

Let’s face it, how often do you need to use a lawyer?

Our lawyers in Melbourne understand that you can’t afford to add a highly-qualified legal professional to your payroll. That’s why we offer outsourced general counsel services, with a range of fee options and alternatives including hourly rates, monthly retainers or fixed fees.

No need to pay a full-time salary, superannuation or payroll tax – all it costs you is an affordable fee (negotiated based on your ability to pay) to gain instant access to legal advice whenever you need it.

Give us a call, and we’ll leap into action with our trademark common-sense approach and practical solutions.

We believe that good value is at the heart of each outsourced general counsel arrangement. That’s why we quote depending on what services you need, as well as how frequently you need legal support.
In order to understand your legal requirements, your lawyer first needs to understand you. This is a step that many lawyers in Melbourne skip when setting up outsourced general counsel arrangements – not ours, however.
Legal advice and support is only a phone call away. No matter when or what the issue is, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll get to work immediately – it’s almost the same as having your own legal department!

Legal advice in Melbourne, whenever you need it

You have a legal problem, and you want a solution. Danaher Moulton can help

Many people think that outsourced general counsel arrangements are limited in scope and the types of services they can offer. That you’re paying a monthly retainer to have someone answer the phone, or reply to your emails.

It’s true, that’s what some of these arrangements look like.

However, they can also be much more expansive with regards to the types of legal services offered.

Our lawyers in Melbourne can help out with many different services on retainer, including:

Give us a call about any of these issues, and we can advise. We can even take action on your behalf, if your arrangement is set up that way.

And this is why it’s so important that we come to an understanding early on about what you or your company needs!

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Outsource to a lawyer in Kew that cares

We treat outsourced general counsel as more than just a side gig

That is to say, your case will get the same attention or care as our “regular” clients, even though you don’t usually require legal assistance on a regular basis.

Our lawyers in Kew treat your case just like we would if we worked for you full-time. We will still provide practical solutions tailored for your circumstances, and find a way to get you the best possible outcome.

It shouldn’t be a radical departure from the norm to have an outsourced general counsel that takes your legal issues seriously.

Unfortunately, that’s often how it is. But our team is more than happy to break from that tradition!

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