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It’s only natural to feel anxious and second-guess all of your decisions when money’s on the line. That’s what makes our solutions-first approach even more important than ever.

Why choose Danaher Moulton to look after your financing arrangement? Your money matters to us, plain and simple.

Advice can only get you so far. You want solutions – ones that account for how much financing you need, what you’re looking to achieve with that money, and what terms you’re willing to put up with.

Don’t let your money go to waste – let our commercial law team help you.

Financing Agreements by Commercial Lawyers

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Company and business owners like you are hands-on types. Whether you’re lending or borrowing, you want solutions that:

  • Make sense to you
  • Are relevant to your company
  • You can put into action

What you don’t need is legal advice. Far too often, legal advice is purely technical, focusing on the letter of the law – NOT on what it means for you, and how it will impact your financing agreement in real terms.

Most importantly, advice on its own doesn’t protect your company from being left with an unfavourable financing agreement!

This is something we aim to change with our common sense approach towards finance.

Our Kew legal team will work with your company’s accountant, helping you negotiate a financing agreement that gets you the money you need, without breaking the bank.

Contracts advice

Whether it’s clearly contracting with your suppliers and customers to ensure you terms are paramount, threading the line between employment and contracting arrangements or ensuring your debts are properly protected if your customer fails you want to know you have properly dealt with the legal risk. Sometime it’s just getting the structure right for the new venture.

We know you need the advice tailored to your business, your issues and your style – one size doesn’t fit all and you want a legal advisor who can present commercial options and help you decide the best one this time, for you.

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