Danaher Moulton – Your Stamp Duty Lawyers

Over the last 5 years we have built significant expertise in structuring deals, transactions and arrangements to legally limit the applicable duty that may otherwise be payable in respect to property transfers.

In fact we are now engaged by other lawyers to advise them and their clients on how to limit the duty payable on property transactions.

We have significant experience in limiting the stamp duty payable in respect of:

  1. Structuring property Developments
      1. Joint Venture Development Agreements
        1. Using the Partition Duty Concessions
        2.  Understanding and working through the Economic Entitlement Rules
        3. Landholder provisions
      2. Advising on Put and Call Option Agreements and Conditional Contracts
      3. Avoiding double duty when nominating under a Contract
      4. Advising on property development structures including unit trust and joint venture arrangements
  2. Asset Protection Transfers
      1. Between spouses
      2. In and out of SMSF’s
      3. In and out of Family Trusts
      4. Out of unit Trusts
  3. Estate Planning Transfers
      1. Between spouses
      2. In and out of SMSF’s
      3. The Apparent Purchaser duty concessions
      4. Out of Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements relating to SMSF’s
      5. On the breakdown of relationships
      6. Transfers of assets out of Family Trusts, Unit Trusts
  4. Post Death Transfers
      1. Estate Claim transfers
      2. Deed of Family Arrangement Transfers
      3. Partition of Asset transfers
  5. Change in ownership of Landholder entities
      1. Unit Trusts and Companies

We operate on a Fixed Fee basis to advise on and implement strategies that legally limit the stamp duty payable on transactions.

Call our structuring lawyers Peter, Liz or Dennis on 1300363314 to discuss how we can help you and your clients limit the duty payable.

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