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Whether you’re buying, selling or looking to merge with another business, what you do before signing on the dotted line can be just as important as the details of the contract itself.

One of our favourite sayings is “never let a lawyer get in the way of a good deal”.

Your lawyer should have an attitude that is totally about achieving your goals, and shouldn’t allow their ego to get in the way of your objectives.

Unfortunately, many lawyers focus on “winning” in deals. They lose objectivity, and zero in on largely immaterial issues to score points against an opponent instead of keeping their focus on achieving your goals and fulfilling your legal needs.

All of which results in your deal becoming drawn out and more costly.

You don’t have time for a brinkmanship between you and your negotiating partner’s lawyers. Our focus is solely on ensuring that your M&A transaction – a process that can be incredibly time-consuming – is as smooth, painless and effortless as possible.

A commercial lawyer’s role in mergers and acquisitions

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When it comes to business law matters, acquisitions and mergers are among the most complex. It’s a long, tough process. Having undergone one in late 2019, we understand first-hand what’s involved!

We’re here to reduce that complexity as much as possible, and to help you get back to business.

You can trust us to be real with you throughout your merger or acquisition, and to provide direct, comprehensive, and most importantly of all, useful solutions for your company.

Our approach towards your legal issues – mergers and acquisitions included – is to provide more than just technical advice.

In addition to advising you about things like contract issues and ASIC regulations regarding company mergers and acquisitions, we also provide actionable solutions

The right team to support you ensures your company isn’t left blindsided by an unexpected issue regarding ownership laws, contracts, trademarks or other complications.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, your lawyer’s input shouldn’t begin and end with just technical advice. Build the strongest post-merger or acquisition organisation involves a whole range of different practical solutions

This is the driving force behind our approach here at Danaher Moulton. Technical advice is important – however, it isn’t much help from an operational level.

Our common sense approach gives you the help you need.

Plan your exit strategy

Do you have a plan?

It isn’t exactly something you want to think about, but an exit strategy can save you a lot of distress if things don’t go to plan.

Having an exit or contingency plan protects your company and everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

  • There are many reasons your company might need an exit plan:
  • Leave an unsuccessful joint venture
  • Respond to significant changes in market conditions
  • Sell a business or assets
  • Limit losses
  • Raise capital to seek out new opportunities

A detailed and well-thought out exit plan ensures that your company is able to separate itself from a joint venture or partnership or divest itself from a business or asset.

When planning your acquisition or merger, Danaher Moulton will also create an exit strategy, allowing you to proceed with the confidence that your company has a way out.

Commercial Lawyers Melbourne For Mergers And Acquisitions

Dennis and the team at Danaher Moulton have been my trusted legal advisors for several years now – their accessibility, approachability and practical advice has been welcomed by me personally and the many clients whom I have referred. Dennis is always prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ and has a unique ability to simplify what can sometimes be quite a daunting process.

Daniel Bradd, Partner - Kay & Burton Hawthorn

Danaher Moulton are the ideal partner for SME businesses providing a comprehensive range of services that every business owner needs.

All delivered with a refreshingly friendly and down-to-earth approach.

Darren Bourke, Director – Business Influence Pty Ltd
Dealing with Dennis and the team at Danaher Moulton is always a pleasure.

They are honest, knowledgeable and efficient. I have had personal dealings as well as referred many clients through the conveyancing team and my clients have only ever had great experiences. I couldn’t recommend Danaher Moulton more highly.

Brett Moyle Managing, Director – Home Loan Saint

You don’t need a big-name commercial law firm to look after your company

Find a law firm that treats your company as more than just a bunch of billable hours

You’ll find plenty of experience and knowledge of the law at Melbourne’s largest law firms.

The problem is that this isn’t always what you need!

Legal and technical advice can help you understand your obligations and rights. However, when it comes to translating that knowledge into results for your company, simply knowing what you’re owed isn’t enough. You need help to turn it into action.

Practical solutions are the name of the game at Danaher Moulton. We provide you with an alternative to conventional legal services in Kew and Melbourne, and help you and your company get where you want to be.

Our aim is to maximise your opportunities and eliminate risk as much as possible. Specifically, it’s about protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to build up, both in business and your personal life.

We tell it to you straight instead of using complex legal jargon. And instead of simply offering technical advice, we devise practical solutions that account for your company’s circumstances.

It’s a common-sense approach – one that’s surprisingly uncommon!

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