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Slogans, brands, logos – these are what set your company apart and make you stand out from the crowd. Protect your most valuable assets with a trademark now.

Let’s not beat around the bush; trademark law isn’t exactly an area that allows for flexible and creative solutions. Your trademark application is generally either accepted, or it isn’t – end of story.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t try!

Our common sense, solutions-focused approach is what sets our team apart from other commercial lawyers in Melbourne.

Even in areas where the solution seems clear cut – such as trademark law – we still endeavour to provide you with solutions that keep you safe from copycats and competitors.

Whether it’s protecting your trademark from unauthorised use, licensing it out to a third party or filing a new trademark, Danaher Moulton’s business lawyers aren’t afraid to prescribe unique solutions and setups if it minimises your risk and helps you get the most value out of your trademarks.

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Have your trademarks protected by our commercial lawyers in Melbourne & Kew

Something as important as your company’s intellectual property shouldn’t be handed off to a computer system.

The goal of a trademark lawyer should be to minimise your risk – specifically, reducing the risk that your trademark application is unsuccessful.

An automated trademark application is simply too risky. The only way to bring down your risk and maximise your chances of success is to have your trademark personally attended to by a trademark specialist.

Only a dedicated trademark lawyer will be able to correctly fill out your application, catch mistakes and maximise the chances of your trademark application being accepted – all of which can save your company considerable time and money.

The Danaher Moulton way of doing things is all about finding solutions, even if the solution isn’t immediately apparent or viable. We don’t just file trademark applications – we can also provide you with a variety of trademark services, including:

  • Trademark searches
  • International trademarks
  • Cease-and-desist letters
  • Trademark litigation

Our business lawyers in Melbourne will personally attend to your trademark matter, protecting your company and minimising your exposure to risk.

Trademark registration Australia

Protect your business and brand with the right strategy from our commercial lawyers. Some examples of assets that can be trademarked include:

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Think a trademark on its own is enough to protect what’s yours? Think again!

Just look at what happened to Penfold Wines as an example. In 2019, a Federal court ruled in favour of Penfolds after discovering that a competitor had indeed copied its Chinese trademarks, jeopardising its position in the Chinese market. The copycat was forced to issue a formal apology and make payments of over $800,000 in value.

Sure, your trademark case may not be as high-profile, and it may not cross international borders. That doesn’t make it any less important!

That doesn’t always mean litigation, either – our trademark lawyers can also:

  • Help mediate
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Write cease-and-desist letters on your behalf

You can’t rest on your laurels once your trademarks are registered. Our trademark lawyers in Melbourne are in your corner when it comes to trademark issues – and that includes fighting on your behalf if legal action becomes necessary.

Business licensing and registration

Take your first step into a new business venture with confidence – let our commercial Lawyers in Melbourne & Kew assist you.

If you’re at a stage where business registrations and licences are still being obtained, you probably have many other crucial things related to setting up your business that you need to worry about as well.

Do you have time to fill out application after application on top of that?

Time is money, as they say. Get some of yours back by handing this process over to a commercial lawyer who specialises in registrations, licenses and permits for small businesses and companies.

Our goal is not just to save you time, but to minimise your risk. We dot our I’s and cross our T’s, ensuring that your application is accepted the first time.

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