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Danaher Moulton believes that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shareholder agreements

We also believe that there’s no such thing as a company lawyer who can effectively help every type of business out there.

As a smaller private company, a large firm’s shareholder agreement isn’t going to be much help to you at all. You only have a handful of owners, and no intention of going public in the near future.

What’s the point of paying thousands more when your company’s needs simply aren’t that complex?

We don’t service large companies, and that’s just the way we like it. We much prefer working with small and medium businesses for a range of reasons.

Most importantly, we specialise in working with SMEs – we’re intimately familiar with the needs of smaller companies and are driven to ensure that your shareholder agreement is comprehensive, fair and right for your company.

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Hawthorne Lawyers Shareholder Agreements

Our Melbourne and Kew lawyers provide clarity for companies like yours

Shareholder agreements are one of the most important pieces of any company with several owners.

It isn’t something you want to get wrong – nor is it something that’s identical between businesses, either.

Yes, we provide technical advice regarding what should go into your shareholder agreement. However, we also do much more than that.

You can expect legal expertise with Danaher Moulton. You can also expect fast, straightforward common sense solutions to your problems.

With regards to shareholder agreements, that means a document that:

  • Reflects your company culture
  • Individual’s skills and experience
  • Each shareholders financial circumstances

A standard, boilerplate shareholder agreement simply won’t cut it. That’s why it’s so important that you choose a commercial lawyer you can trust to understand what it is that makes your company tick!

Dennis and the team at Danaher Moulton have been my trusted legal advisors for several years now – their accessibility, approachability and practical advice has been welcomed by me personally and the many clients whom I have referred. Dennis is always prepared to go ‘above and beyond’ and has a unique ability to simplify what can sometimes be quite a daunting process.

Daniel Bradd, Partner - Kay & Burton Hawthorn

Danaher Moulton are the ideal partner for SME businesses providing a comprehensive range of services that every business owner needs.

All delivered with a refreshingly friendly and down-to-earth approach.

Darren Bourke, Director – Business Influence Pty Ltd
Dealing with Dennis and the team at Danaher Moulton is always a pleasure.

They are honest, knowledgeable and efficient. I have had personal dealings as well as referred many clients through the conveyancing team and my clients have only ever had great experiences. I couldn’t recommend Danaher Moulton more highly.

Brett Moyle Managing, Director – Home Loan Saint

Shareholder buyout agreements

Ensure that business progresses as usual when one of your company owners decides to move on

For smaller companies and businesses however, ownership often comes with a degree of management responsibility. How are these duties and the associate ownership share going to be distributed once they’re gone?

Sure, you could “freehand” it and attempt to negotiate directly every time this happens. However, there are two problems with that:

  1. It can take up considerable amounts of time, depending on how negotiations go
  2. The owner in question may not be able to discuss it with you in the event of death or disability

Think of a shareholder buyout plan as an extension of your Will – one that deals exclusively with your share of a business or company, and the associated responsibilities.

Our common-sense approach towards the ownership and management of your company ensures that you and your partners have an arrangement in place for just this situation.

Shareholder and buyout agreements
Probate and Wills Lawyer Melbourne

We work on a company-by-company basis

Your company is unique. So is our law firm in Melbourne, Kew

It’s important to take a consultative approach towards your company and write a shareholder agreement that accounts for your company’s unique ownership arrangement.

In our opinion however, it shouldn’t end there.

Companies deserve better. They deserve business lawyers that will talk straight with them, relate to their problems, work with empathy, and who aren’t afraid to be authentic and honest.

They say you should “be the change you want to be”. And that’s what we’re doing.

Since we first opened our doors in 2010, we’ve made it our mission to provide small and medium-sized companies in Melbourne with unlawyer-like flexibility, friendliness and creativity.

It’s a minor difference, but it has dramatic effects. Thanks to this, we’re able to provide private companies in Melbourne with uniquely personal and authentic support, as well as unique and innovative solutions.

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