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We know property in all aspects

In Melbourne, our clients hold much of their wealth through Property.

As Property lawyers and professionals whom our clients trust, we are expected to know not just property law but how our client’s property forms part of their wealth profile.

It is assumed that we are great property lawyers—but what makes us different is that we take a holistic approach. We know about tax, duty concessions, loans, structures, estate planning, asset protection and our client’s personal affairs and so can ensure that our clients wealth is protected.
At Danaher Moulton, we are proactive in helping our clients acquire, sell, and manage these major parts of their wealth.


This is our brand. To Build. To Connect. To Protect.

We are experts in our field, and we often deliver outcomes that other lawyers don’t!


Not your ordinary property lawyers in Melbourne

When our clients buy, sell or manage their properties Danaher Moulton helps as follows:

  1. Buying/Selling Commercial, industrial and farming properties
  2. Leasing of Commercial, Retail, Industrial and farming properties
  3. Property Development Agreements and Joint Venture Development Agreements
  4. Advising on asset protection strategies in buying assets
  5. Advising on the best structures to buy assets taking into account:
    1. Duty, GST, Land Tax and CGT considerations – specifically focusing on duty concessions
    2. Asset protection strategies
    3. Estate Planning and avoiding estate claims
    4. Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  6. Restructuring the ownership of property ownership involving trusts, SMSF’s, estates
  7. Duty concessions
    1. SMSF’s, Unit Trusts and Family Trusts and estates
    2. Bespoke duty concessions and tax planning.

Our primary focus is to understand these four vital factors

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