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Getting financing right

We act for private family offices overseeing multi-million dollar transactions, for boutique lenders targeting mortgage based lending and for tax and wealth protection lending by SME owners and their private financiers.

When the transactions involve assisting you to engage with your borrower clients we know the rigour and simplicity of our processes makes the difference by supporting how you engage.

For all deals, we know the terms have to be market standard terms, with effective registrations whether real property or PPSA securities.

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Helping your company thrive

Make better decisions. Get the money your company needs to succeed. Be better off. In a nutshell, that’s what we can do for you.

It’s only natural to feel anxious and second-guess all of your decisions when money’s on the line. That’s what makes our solutions-first approach even more important than ever.

Why choose Danaher Moulton to look after your financing arrangement? Your money matters to us, plain and simple.

Advice can only get you so far. You want solutions – ones that account for how much financing you need, what you’re looking to achieve with that money, and what terms you’re willing to put up with.

Don’t let your money go to waste – let our commercial law team help you.

Financing Agreements by Commercial Lawyers

Our Kew lawyers get the best terms for your company

Combining common-sense and legal expertise to help your company grow

Company and business owners like you are hands-on types. Whether you’re lending or borrowing, you want solutions that:

  • Make sense to you
  • Are relevant to your company
  • You can put into action

What you don’t need is legal advice. Far too often, legal advice is purely technical, focusing on the letter of the law – NOT on what it means for you, and how it will impact your financing agreement in real terms.

Most importantly, advice on its own doesn’t protect your company from being left with an unfavourable financing agreement!

This is something we aim to change with our common sense approach towards finance.

Our Kew legal team will work with your company’s accountant, helping you negotiate a financing agreement that gets you the money you need, without breaking the bank.

Borrow and lend with confidence

  • A good financing agreement protects both the lender and the borrower. They shouldn’t favour one party over the other.
  • Unfortunately, this is something that many commercial lawyers forget.
  • Our company lawyers in Melbourne will go over the terms and conditions of your financing agreement with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that the arrangement is fair and that there aren’t any legally-unenforceable conditions in your agreement.
  • Borrowing large sums of money can be scary. With the right legal advice however, it doesn’t have to be.
Borrowing money financing arrangement
  • As the complexity of financing agreements rises, so too does the need for a second opinion from a professional.
  • If your company plans on lending money to an employee or another company, it’s important that you lay the ground rules clearly from the word go.
  • When drafting terms for private company loans, you must take measures to protect your company from unnecessary risk.
  • Our business lawyers will help you create a financing agreement that protects you from making a loss, and ensure that your company is eventually paid back in full.
Borrowing money financing arrangement

Financing on your terms

We’re changing the way financing
agreements work

While it’s true that a lot of the clauses and conditions in a financing agreement are shared between different agreements, that doesn’t mean that there’s a standardised, one-size-fits-all finance agreement that will suit every single company.

And that requires a different type of commercial lawyer in Melbourne.

Honest, authentic, direct, supportive, relatable, friendly – these are the words we want our clients to use when describing Danaher Moulton.

It’s something we try to reflect in our mannerisms, approach, and most importantly, the way that our lawyers work with you to provide a unique financing agreement.

We aim to change the industry, as well as what you expect from a financing agreement.

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